Sunday, June 15, 2014

AthFest 2014 Compilation

AthFest 2014 Compilation
Various Artists
Ghostmeat Records

This year’s AthFest compilation slims things down a bit, with ten tracks clocking in at just under 40 minutes and in a new twist, it’s available exclusively on vinyl.  This is a very fine collection of songs that doesn’t so much show the breadth of Athens music as its depth, with tracks by Elf Power, Drive-By Truckers and New Madrid.  The sale of this compilation supports AthFest Educates, a non-profit dedicated to local music & arts education.

Favorites include Faster Circuits with their Beatlesque pop on Relative Obscurity, and Family and Friends, whose Rust and Bone starts out like a delicate Donovan track and ends up as a rollicking rock-n-roll song. The Drive-By Truckers continue their support of local music and education with Rock Solid, a track that was previously only available on their digital-only Dragon Pants EP. New Madrid contributes Forest Gum, a track from their new Normaltown Records release Sunswimmer.  In 2014, just as it has been for years and years, the fields of Athens, Georgia are ripe with musical fruit. This compilation is just a taste.

Curtis Lynch
June 2014

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