Sunday, January 3, 2010

Grant Peeples - Pawnshop

Grant Peeples


This Floridian’s second release sounds like a rusty-hinged wooden gate swinging wildly, beating out a rhythm in the chaos of a hurricane, but unlike the fickle storm, Peeples knows where he’s going and what he’s after. Pawnshop is eleven extraordinary tunes (There’s alternate, FCC compliant versions of two tracks.) that are direct and intelligent. In fact, Peeple’s rough-edged drawl of a voice often hides the depth of his lyrics until you give the songs a couple of listens. But whether he’s railing against capital punishment, the economy and our apathetic society, or singing about trailer-park breakups (“Leaving her was easy once she’d done throw’d all my shit out in the yard”) or Real Country, (“it ain’t pretty.”), Grant Peeples is consistently entertaining, provocative and not afraid to shoot straight.

Curtis Lynch

Playgrounds Magazine July 2009

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