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Y2KT10 May 1999

Y2K T10
Curtis Lynch
Director of Millennium Musicology
Playgrounds Division

Greetings class, and welcome to this month’s lecture on Millennium Musicology. As self-appointed head of this department, I have noticed a widespread stirring of excitement and trembling anticipation over the current musical crisis we find ourselves in, and much discussion as to the relative merits of certain genres has resulted, so let’s go over the rules briefly:  A previously unknown Y2K “bug” will eradicate, erase, and exterminate all forms of recorded music precisely on 01/01/00!!!  Using modern techniques (mostly involving Juicy Fruit gum and Pixy Stix), we are able to save exactly 10 CDs.  Tim Chitwood, ever the investigative reporter, tried to pin us down to specific genres, singles vs. albums, etc...but we’ll have none of that, Tim!  You pick ‘em: country, jazz, Albanian polka music, it’s up to you! Pick ten songs, 10 CDs, 10 Andean prayer chants, I don’t care, the fate of 21st century music is in your hands.

Last month’s choices were outstanding, and so are the selections this month: Jane & Sonny from Radar Rose wade into the fray, and Jane’s reasoning for eliminating classical music from consideration is especially on target.  But don’t let that influence you, send your own Y2K top ten lists in!
Hello Curtis....Sonny (of Radar Rose) here.  I love this idea.  It's cool!
Here's my list:  I couldn't come up with any particular order.  It's really hard to pick 'em, much less in any order

 1.  The Allman Brothers " Live @ the Fillmore East"
 2.  Doc Watson  "Memories"
 3.  Jimi Hendrix  "Are you experienced"
 4.  Duke Ellington  "The Pianist"
 5 . Little Feat  "Waiting for Columbus"
 6.  Joni Mitchell  "Miles of Aisles"
 7.  Frank Sinatra  "The Reprise Years"
 8.  Paul Simon  "Graceland"
 9.  Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young  "Four Way Street"
10. Various Artists  "Will the Circle Be Unbroken"

You may have noticed that most of these are "LIVE" recordings.  That's because I love live recordings.  I always have and probably always will.  :-)

Thanks for getting this together.   Lovepeace,  Sonny:-)

Who!!!!!!!!!!???????????? WHERE???? This is nuts.
Keith Rowland, webmaster,

Name: Warren Kurtz
Occupation: Volunteer music reviewer for arts and entertainment magazines for over 20 years and an accounting manager at General Electric for 20 years.

I was asked as a music critic (although I don't think I'm too critical, I hope) to pick my Top 10 CDs (LPs) of All Time in case of a Y2K deletion disaster. It was a tough assignment from Playgrounds Magazine in Columbus, Georgia, but here it goes and it is probably different from the next person's, but at least I picked 10 acts that everyone has heard of (I think).

If the Y2K glitch deleted all music and I had to pick 10 CDs out of our over 2000 choices in our home, below is my list and why. It is somewhat chronological.

Rubber Soul - Beatles There has to be Beatles in the Top Ten. This is the first recording after the band stopped touring in 1965. They swore that if they stopped touring and playing the same songs over and over and focused on songwriting and recording, things would be better. This album is the proof. Others might choose Sgt. Pepper, The White Album, or Abbey Road, but I think song for song this is the consistent winner.

Surrealistic Pillow - Jefferson Airplane 1967 and San Francisco. If the British Invasion wasn't enough, look what we did in America. Like the Beatles, this group has boasted 4 lead singers from time to time. Some might pick 1975's Red Octopus including me, but I think Surrealistic Pillow was the foundation for so much.

It's A Beautiful Day - It's A Beautiful Day I've been quoting the impact of this San Francisco band for years. Electric violin of David LaFlamme and "White Bird." I would take "White Bird" over "Free Bird" any day and I love "Free Bird."

Aqualung - Jethro Tull British rock had Sticky Fingers - Rolling Stones and Who's Next - Who in this era, but this flute driven religion challenging classic would be my pick.

Pictures At an Exhibition - Emerson, Lake & Palmer I watched my classical music loving friend almost die in horror listening to this. What a powerful interpretation of classical music. If that isn't enough, "Nutrocker" is the encore. Eldorado by the Electric Light Orchestra is more listenable but this one is truly classical…sort of.

Machine Head - Deep Purple They were at their peak with "Highway Star" and "Smoke on the Water." So more so than Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, or Uriah Heep, all favorites from that time, I pick the tightness of Deep Purple at the foundation of the "metal" movement.

Summer Breeze - Seals & Crofts Folk / rock, acoustic guitar and mandolin, more so than the 3 guitars of the America self titled debut, I think this one captures a great sound with "Hummingbird," the title track and others.

Beauty and the Beat - Go-Go's We waited from the Shangi-La's to the Go-Go's, about 20 years, for the ultimate "all girl group" with "We Got the Beat," "Our Lips Are Sealed," and others, this is great.

Christmas Album - Amy Grant It is so believable. Listeners are convinced of her devotion with the tender "Heirlooms" and powerful "Emmanuel." This is the high point of Christian rock.

Why Not Me - Judds This album is the foundation of what the Dixie Chicks, Deana Carter, and others today are basing their successes on. "Love is Alive" can capture the Linda Rondstadt crowd and the title tune can put kick in your cowboy boots.

There have been many recordings over the past 15 years or so of greatness, but I thought it best to go back to some roots to help understand what we are enjoying today.

Thanks, Warren...A very comprehensive, well-thought-out survey of music well worth taking into the 21st century!

I posted a copy of the Y2KT10 press release on, in the Pet De Kat Forum and received this response from Craigory...

If I could only pick just 10 CD’s for the new millenium...I think I would rather face Armageddon.

(The Pet De Kat Krewe are a motley group of dedicated festivalists.)

I was so happy to hear that the creative folks at Playgrounds have discovered a way to save the 10 of the greatest pieces of music for all time!  You all are always ahead of the rest of the universe. 
I have eliminated classical music as Beethoven, Mozart and others have survived centuries in written form as all music will.  What we will miss is the absolute genius of our great singers, the great licks of our guitarists and the blend of great bands.  Here's my list!  You'll be hearing from the rest of Radar Rose, be interesting to see our different tastes.

Love ,Jane Gabrielle, Radar Rose

1.  Bridge over Troubled Waters, Simon & Garfunkel
2.  Fever, Peggy Lee
3.  Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Judy Garland
4.  White Christmas, Bing Crosby (otherwise the holiday will have to be cancelled
5.  When I was Seventeen, Frank Sinatra
6.  Me & Bobby McGee, Janis Joplin
7.  Star Spangeled Banner, Jimi Hendrix
8.  El Paso, Marty Robbins
9.  Unchained Melody, Righteous Brothers
10.  Melissa, Allman Brothers

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